Newmarket BID Map

Newmarket BID Map

Established in 2022 by its property owners, in cooperation with its business owners and residents, the Newmarket Business Improvement District (BID) is a publicly chartered, private, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the quality of life and enhancing the accessibility, attractiveness and appeal of Boston’s Newmarket District.  

This centrally located area is poised as the industrial frontier for Boston. With food distribution businesses, distilleries and breweries, schools, and so much more, Newmarket is at the forefront of innovation while being rooted in tradition.


We lift up the industries that have been the backbone of this area for decades and we celebrate the new and creative uses of the buildings to liven the district. Alongside the changes to the zoning to make it easier for these businesses to thrive, Newmarket is inviting all of Boston to witness its growth.



Newmarket is a unique commercial area and, over the past several years, has weathered several challenges ….

Get to know the people behind the BID…

To reach us at the Newmarket BID, please call 617-445-3445.

Meet our esteemed Board of Directors and learn their affiliations to local business, organizations, and residences they represent.

Learn more about our Shuttle System, our Clean Streets and Back2Work Programs and out Security Program.
Meet the businesses in the Newmarket Business Improvement District.
Your guide to everything you might need to know how to do…from reporting a broken street light to finding out what is happening in the neighborhood.

Stay updated on the latest developments at the BID. Recent articles about our accomplishments and exciting news tell the story of Newmarket’s thriving community.

Upcoming events at the BID – whether it’s a Jazz night, trivia tournament or a summertime extravaganza, the BID highlights all the fun happening in Newmarket.

As of 2024, the BID has been operating on behalf of businesses and residents Newmarket is at the forefront of innovation while being rooted in tradition.

Current open positions for work at the BID.

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