For decades, Quincy Market was the home to all wholesale meat and produce vendors from the Greater area. Those vendors would come each day to sell their wares in the Great Hall. Then in 1955, then Mayor Kevin White decided on a different vision for Quincy Market that involved tourism and retail trade as opposed to wholesale distribution. Thus, the vendors were no longer welcome but were provided a new location for permanent trade on the outskirts of town in the South Bay area which became known as Newmarket.



In 1977, a number of these vendors realized that they required more by way of City services and attention and so formed the Newmarket Business Association. What started with 7 members in 1977 grew to over 200 members in the next 40+ years. Throughout that time, the Association has been the primary advocate for the economic growth and vibrancy of the businesses located here.



Newmarket is a unique commercial area and, over the past several years, has weathered several challenges, related to the opioid crisis and homelessness in the area. While problems grew beginning in 2007, with the closing of the Long Island Shelter in 2014, the challenges grew exponentially and have caused untenable quality of life issues for everyone in the area.



It was the mission of the NBA to improve the quality of life for all who live and work in Newmarket that convinced us to form the Newmarket Business Improvement District in January 2022. Through the formation of the District, we have been able to create real differences. Already, our streets and parks are cleaner, our neighborhood is safer, and you can actually take public transportation and access Newmarket via our shuttle system.



Newmarket has changed dramatically in the past year and we are just getting started. Keep watching…. The best is yet to come!

Sue Sullivan

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