Street Beautification Program

Clean Streets

Every day of the year, our Back2Work team cleans the streets of Newmarket and beautifies the district. From picking up trash and needles, to power washing sidewalks and removing graffiti, to planting flowers and landscaping, our crew members work hard to make the area cleaner and safer for all.

A priority for the BID is the safety and wellbeing of all those living, working, and visiting the district. In June 2022, New England Security became our partners and provides 24/7 supplemental security throughout the area.

Security & Safety
Back2Work Program

The Newmarket BID employs homeless and addiction challenged individuals in the Newmarket area often referred to as “Mass and Cass” to provide our street beautification services. These workers clean and improve the District daily by completing such jobs as landscaping, trash removal, power washing, graffiti removal and more.

Another program we offer the community is our Newmarket shuttle. Bringing passengers to and from the Red Line, Orange Line, and Fairmount Line, this shuttle service is free to all residents, employees, and property owners in Newmarket.

Newmarket shuttle
Newmarket Business Improvement District
In 2017, the Newmarket Business Association, the organization that in 2021 formed the Newmarket BID, approached Mayor Martin Walsh with an initiative that we believed to be essential to addiction recovery in Boston and beyond.

The Newmarket BID creates a clean, safe and vibrant environment for everyone who lives, works and does business in the neighborhood. To that end, here are some of the major initiatives that the BID has undertaken to enhance the quality of life in our District.

Projects & Initiatives
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