What Your Gift Can Do

When you donate to the Newmarket Business Improvement District, your gift makes a real difference. We are committed to creating economic growth and value-added change to Boston’s historically most economically challenged neighborhoods. Your gift enables us to create NEW jobs, NEW opportunities and NEW pathways of innovation.

An Innovative Industrial Newmarket

Newmarket has long been the backbone of Boston’s industrial economy.  By working with our state and local government to create incentives for industrial businesses to expand and or locate into this area, we are stimulating the growth of long-lasting, sustainable-wage jobs in the Newmarket area, particularly for those living in the surrounding neighborhoods and along the Fairmont Corridor.

Your donation will help us to make this goal of attracting new businesses and continuing to provide good local jobs a reality.

Providing the Tools for Growth, Prosperity and Opportunity

The Newmarket BID partners with and supports local businesses, nonprofits, schools and city agencies to continually improve the quality of life for all who live, work, and visit the Newmarket area.

We provide work and development opportunities to those who have experienced or are currently experiencing homelessness and/or addiction in our Back2Work program. The end goal of which is to place local workers with local employers and to see our workers in stable living.

 Your donations will impact the lives of those dedicated to maintaining their sobriety, seeking stable employment and pursuing housing solutions.

Will your gift make a difference? Absolutely!

The Newmarket BID is committed to the long-term prosperity of the surrounding neighborhoods and contributes to improving the local quality of life for those who live and work in the area.

Below is a list of places that have partnered with and have been supported by the BID in 2023:

Casa Myrna
Councilor Flynn’s Thanksgiving Meals program,
Faith Leaders for Housing Justice
Friendship Works
Greater Boston Food Bank
Mason School student programs
Orchard Garden School
Pine Street Inn
Rosie’s Place
School Family Turkeys
South End Soccer
St. Mary’s Infants & Children
Suffolk DA Basketball for Youth program
Winter Walk

Learn More

For more information, contact the Newmarket BID via email or phone: 617-445-3445.

Please remember, no donation is too small. Your contribution matters.

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